Sonic and the Black Knight

So, there I was in my local Walmart, browsing through the magazine section, when I saw this:

Hey!  Dead Rising for the W- OH GOD WHY?!

Hey! Dead Rising for the W- OH GOD WHY?!

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Sonic… with a sword?!  I know Sega hasn’t been too keen on game designing decisions lately, but come on.  Thinking about the type of Sonic game most fans have wanted in recent years (typically a return to the good-ol’ Genesis days, but with that next generation quality mixed in), this is even worse than the shocks of a Were-Sonic and a turn-based RPG.

But, to give the game its benefit of the doubt, the storyline does justify the odd addition of swordplay to the Sonic franchise.  See, a sorceress from King Arthur’s time called Sonic into that, well, time, because King Arthur’s rule has become corrupt, thus making him the titular Black Knight.  So, Sonic goes, sword in hand, to end the Black Knight’s horrible rule.

Sonic and the Black Knight is the second Sonic game for the Wii, and also the second game in the “storybook” series that began with Sonic and the Secret Rings.  Well, that at least explains the kind of “out-there” story.  Also, I’ll admit I don’t know much about Sonic and the Secret Rings, so I’m not quite sure what to say as to the quality of this series, but I DID hear it was better than the Sonic game that came out on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  However, that isn’t saying much…

Also, it’d be good to say that this news isn’t exactly new.  The game was announced back in July, but the first real information about the game came from the article in the new Nintendo Power issue.

So, will we expect this new steely Sonic game to fall flat on its face?  Probably.  But will we, just maybe, find a Sonic game that, though it may not be what core fans were waiting for, is just fun?  Well, guess we’ll find out next year.


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    Aug 16, 2008 @ 19:57:06

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!


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