The Indie Trio #1: Guns, Guns, and more Guns

Oh my, what’s this?  It’s the Indie Trio, where I take three independent games I think are pretty swell and show them off to the world!  Don’t expect this to be TOO regular, since there are weeks when I don’t find anything I enjoy… But, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Genetos

Genetos is a shoot ’em up that has an interesting twist to it:  The five different levels represent different points of shoot ’em up history, starting with the classic Space Invaders.  Your ship goes through these transformations as well, albeit a bit differently.  You must collect a certain amount of the green… circles/squares (I really don’t know what they are called) to do a “Generation Shift”, as the game calls it, and you become faster, more powerful, and just all around more awesome.

Genetos is an insanely fun game, and the generational gameplay makes it nostalgic for shmup fans.  Those fans shouldn’t expect the game to be hard, though…

It might be easy, but be sure to expect some tight situations, like all good shmups.

It might be "easy", but be sure to expect some tight situations, like all good shmups.

You can download Genetos here.

2. Mission Extreme

Mission Extreme is a run-and-gun indie game that harkens back to the 8-bit days.  According to the creators (Deadheat Interactive), this Mission Extreme seems to be a remake of their original version, which was styled to look like a Gameboy game.  The game’s also relatively short: it only has four stages (or five?  reading the blog it’s sort of confusing), so Mission Extreme’s perfect for those boring afternoons.

MXs graphics really make it feel like youre playing an NES or GBC game.

MX's graphics really make it feel like you're playing an NES or GBC game.

You can download Mission Extreme here.

3. Shotgun Ninja

Shotgun Ninja is one of the many love-children of Indie developing group Cactus, well known for making games with weird experimental “hooks” that usually make their games extremely interesting to play.  In Shotgun Ninja, you play… well, a ninja with a shotgun.  It seems your accountant duped you and took all of your money (look, it doesn’t HAVE to make sense…), and you’re out for vengeance.

Or really, you’re out for a high score.  This game puts A LOT of emphasis on score, and you can do so in various ways (getting to the end of the stage quickly, killing all the enemies, etc.).  It adds an element to Shotgun Ninja that’s usually long-forgotten in the days of console lore… those days when all you wanted was your initials on that high score board.

Also, another interesting part about the game is its graphics: the designer limited himself to Commadore 64 sprites and backgrounds, and pulled it off very nicely.

The c64 graphics are donely very nicely and are believeable.

The C64 graphics are done very nicely and are believable.

You can download Shotgun Ninja here.


Well, that’s all for the Indie Trio this time!  Maybe next time I’ll have less games involving massive genocide with firearms…


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