The Indie Trio #2: Cactus edition!

This Indie Trio’s going to focus on one indie developer: Cactus Software.  The one man developing group creates many and interesting “experimental” games, most of which are extremely fun to play and are very nice to look at.  Now, while I’ll only recommend three games here, I highly encourage anyone who becomes interested in the developer’s works to try out the Cactus Arcade, which holds 17 of his finest games in a small package.

Also, I must note that while you can get all the games listed and more at Cactus’ website (, the link I will be providing will be a direct link to the download.

Well, here we go!

1. Ad Nauseam 2

I can’t really think of anothe rexplanation other than the one the creator himself wrote:

This game is not your typical shoot ’em up. There’s really no room for bullet dodging here, just blow everything up before it hits you. The game has some very nice explosions.

Ad Nauseam 2’s a very stylized game, and it’s just fun to look at.  However, it can be a bit difficult at points, and sometimes you just don’t see where you get hit from.  Still, it’s very fun to play in short bursts.

The art style makes you almost not want to shoot them.  Almost.

The art style makes you almost not want to shoot them. Almost.

You can download Ad Nauseam 2 here.

2. Psychosomnium

This very hard to spell platformer is an interesting game, indeed.  The game forces you to think outside the box to solve its weird puzzles and to… well, just understand it.  It’s very unique, and it’s just worth a try if you’re looking for something different.

And, yes, there is an end to the game.

Yeah... good luck getting over there.

Yeah... good luck getting over there.

You can download Psychosomnium here.

3. Mondo Medicals

Mondo Medicals is, yes, another crazy puzzle game.  This one’s in the first person perspective, though, and you’ll get frustrated at it.  And kinda creeped out.  But it’s well worth a run-through, just to see what the hecks’ going on in it.

Oh, I’ll give you a hint right now: Always look behind you.

Welcome?  Whatever you say.

"Welcome"? Whatever you say.

You can download Mondo Medicals here.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this Indie Trio!  Have fun with your new games!


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