Happy Birthday, Barbie! Have some tattoos.

This is just too funny.

First off, check out this news video.  Then laugh.

For her 50th birthday, Barbie has been given a special tattoo edition; with bunches of mini tattoos of puppies and hearts and cute little girly things, Barbie is now a “rebel”.  I mean, since everyone that has a tattoo is a rebel.

Anyway, the new Barbie is making a huge stink with the usual “everything’s horrible for my child” crowd.  Apparently, giving Barbie tattoos will affect the young, innocent minds of 6-year-old girls, making them wanna deck out their skin with horrible, offensive ink.  Like panda bears.  Yep, that’s really offensive, there.

That’s nothing new, though.  Most soccer moms will freak out about anything that’s not on an innocence level equal to Jesus.  Oh well.  But reallly…. WHY give Barbie tattoos?  I mean, isn’t Barbie supposed to be the definition of the socially perfect woman?  Perfect body, skin, hair, clothes, et cetera?  Somehow, sticking tattoos on her doesn’t match the image of the perfect of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Valley girl image the Barbie holds up.  Well, I guess times are changing.

Of course, I guess she still keeps her image when one of the worse tattoos she has is this:

Oh no, not a tattoo with Ken’s name on it!  Just defiling the good name of Barbie.

Well… happy birthday Barbie.  You’d better enjoy those tattoos before those soccer moms bitch so much that Hasbro takes them away from you.


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