Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times

I’ll be blunt:  Magician’s Quest, Konami’s new DS offering, is an Animal Crossing clone.

But, is a clone always such a bad thing?  Some “clones” expand of the original’s mechanics, offering a similar, yet still somewhat unique experience.  Whether you want to believe it or not, “clones” are the best place to go if you want more of that great game you love, but in a different life.  That’s why, if you love Animal Crossing, but are yearning for something a little… different from the same play mechanics across the games, then you should keep an eye on Magician’s Quest.

As you might imagine, Magician’s Quest is an Animal Crossing clone with a fantasy twist.  The story goes as such, according to the IGN preview article:

You play as a young boy or girl that travels through a mysterious door and arrives in a fantasy world, and from the offset are recruited to become a wizard.

Yes, that’s it.  But who really needs a story in a game such as this?  Like Animal Crossing, once you get through the intro (which includes getting your own dorm room), you can wander around at will, gathering items, going to shops, and talking to the local animal populace. Unlike Animal Crossing, however, you can go to magic school, where you learn (you guessed it) magic spells.  It’s an interesting concept, though it seems the only spell the Internet populace is interested with is the fart spell…


Also, instead of tedious little errands and paying your mortgage, Magician’s Quest has “mysteries”: Mission-like events that change the look of your town and force you to do storyline stuff.  I don’t know if this is a good or bad addition to the game (seeing as there’s VERY little information on them when I researched them), but it certainly is different from Animal Crossing’s delivery quests and “find me THIS item” errands.

The art for the game looks nice... and the style is just like Animal Crossing.

The art for the game looks nice... and the style is just like Animal Crossing.

While it probably won’t have the same amount of “polish” or have as big of a hyped release, Magician’s Quest seems to be a great entry into the library any gamer who wants something… “different” from Animal Crossing.  Who knows, maybe if it sells well enough, maybe it’ll send a message to Nintendo they should try a little harder with their next Animal Crossing game.


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  1. WanderingMind
    Apr 04, 2009 @ 06:42:01

    Looks interesting. Missions that aren’t insane fetch quests every single time? That’s an improvement over Animal Crossing.


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