A new Okami game!?  For the DS!?  And, no, it’s not another port, but a REAL sequel!?

I’m super excited.

The only image of it on the web right nows this scan.

The only image of it on the web right now's this scan.

With 7-Eleven’s (?!?) big reveal, it announced Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou, a new DS game that’s a sequel to the original PS2 and Wii title.  According to IGN, the beginning goes a little like this:

Okamiden follows the events of the original Okami by a few months, in a world now restored to peace. Issun, Amaterasu’ guide from the original, accompanies Chibiterasu to Sakuya, the girl who called Okami to the world in the original. Sakuya asks Chibiterasu for some form of help.

From the scan above, it looks like the sequel’s keeping the same awesome art style, which I’m glad for.  Hopefully it’ll keep the same fun paintbrush mechanics.  Also, I wonder if Chibiteratsu is the character’s real name…?  Probably not, but it’s still cute.

The game’s being developed by Capcom, but through all the excitement I’m still a little worried.  Since Clover’s now defunct, who knows how much (if any) of the original team is working on this game.  However, I (mostly) believe Capcom will do this game right.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any information on the game yet, other than an alleged 2010 release date in Japan, but… apparently there’s going to be a playable demo at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, so now we going to have to sit on our hands and wait.

Other source: GameSpot


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