Quickie Review: Fatal Labyrinth

Note: Quickie Reviews aren’t done in the same format as my other reviews.  Why?  Because they’re supposed to be quick, for both me to write and you to read.

I recently beat Fatal Labyrinth on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.  They’re not much I can say about this game, really.  It’s a standard rouge-like game (if you don’t quite know what a rouge-like is, wikipedia is sure to help), though different from most is that it has some decent graphics.  Nothing to be amazed with, to be sure, but compared to most rouge-likes in genreal, not bad.

Oh yeah, a quick overview of the story: Some dragon took the Holy Goblet and now you gotta fight through the Fatal Labyrinth, with nothing but a knife and the clothes on your back.  Seriously, you could have at least asked the damn guards for a better weapon or something.  Oh well…

Anyway, like most rouge-likes, you have to find EVERYTHING you need on the ground, from weapons and armor, to potions and food.  Who’d really drink potions and eat food just sitting around on the ground of a dangerous dungeon is my guess, but you’d better do it here, or you won’t last long, since our hero forgot to pack lunch.  Oh but don’t eat TOO much, or else…

Of course… you’ll get used to dying at lot in this game.  Maybe I’m just really bad at rouge-likes, or I just have miserable luck, but I died A LOT… but one thing made me feel better about dying.  I mentioned before that my memorial service changed as I went through the game, but as opposed to my original thoughts (farther I got, better memorial), getting a better grave was determined solely on how much money I had.  Kinda depressing… had I died on the 30th floor with no gold, I’d still only get a rock as a grave…

There are 30 floors in the game, and after you getting through them all, you’ll fight the only boss, the evil dragon… and the bastard likes to make you dance.  I won’t spoil the rest, though I doubt anyone else will really want to play this game.  It’s not that it’s a BAD game, it’s just… there’s so many other games you can play, especially since I only played this because it was on the Genesis collection.

Guess that sums it up about Fatal Labyrinth.  A bit disorganized, yes, but still understandable.  In the end, I would have never bought this for the Genesis, but since it came in the Genesis Collection, I guess it’s not bad.  If you’re in the mood for a rouge-like, it’s worth a try.


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