Now Playing Ramblings 10-19-09

Oh, look what’s it’s time for!  I’m again without any new blog ideas, and it’s been a while since a new post, so… it’s time for a new edition for the Now Playing Ramblings!  For the rare wanderer from the interwebz, go to My Backloggery Page in the link section to make sure you’re up to speed about what I’m talking about.  :D

Recently, I’ve been able to beat some games.  I’m mainly busy with piling up real life problems, but I’ve still been able to make small progress in a bunch of videogames, and it’s finally paying off with the games I’ve beaten.  I just beat Dragon Quest IV a few nights ago, for example.  I found it really fun, though I still don’t like it as much as I liked DW3.  I’ve gone over most of what I wanted to say last time, but I have to add: That final boss battle was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  It was pretty damn epic.

I’ve also beaten The Wind Waker.  I’ll save most for a review (that I’ll probably never write…) but I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the game.  I’ve never really liked Ocarina or Majora’s Mask (albeit for reasons I no longer remember), but Wind Waker was incredibly fun.  Also, the story was very interesting, and even knowing about its direct sequel I didn’t guess the ending.  It was a great experience all around.

And since I’ve been on such a beating spree lately, I just managed to beat Sword of Mana.  I sort of wished I had not taken such a long break from playing the game in the middle, because I feel I missed out on a lot of good plot-points, since I forgot about them.  The ending was all sad (as expected), but very good.  I found the game as a while easy, though, except for some vague puzzles here and there.  A good game, even though it had some flaws.

Well… enough about the games I have beaten… what about the games I’ve yet to play?  Well… I have quite a few of those ahead of me.  In between the marathons (six of them, now D:), the cross-challenges, and whatever else, I have 14 or so games in my list to play!  Geez.  I don’t have a lot of plans as to what to play when, other than starting my Pirate-A-Thon on Friday and trying to constantly play a pirate game from then on.  Other than that… I’m going to try to finish the marathons as I go, and hopefully I’ll be able to knock it all out by the end of the year.  Wish me luck…

Eh, that’s it for now… not much about my Now Playing List for this edition, but I’ll update more as I make progress in my marathons.  Well, see you next time, or whatever. :D


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