Eh, I think it’s time to begin posting again.  Why?  Because I want to!  I figured I had some free time again, so what better reason than to entertain the… er… swarming masses my writing prowess.  Or whatever.  I’ll be writing some worthwhile posts soon, but some notes, as I gotta update the blog a bit…

~ I’m just gonna delete all the outside links.  I’m not sure who still updates their blogs and stuff, sooooo… I don’t want to promote blogs that are dead!  Should the few people that I am promoting see this and actually DO keep up on their blogs, tell me and I’ll throw the link up again.

~ This’ll look a bit different soon.

~ I may change the catergories around a bit.  While I’ll still write mainly about games, it’ll be good to write about other things, too.  Yes, I know most people come here from the Backloggery, but meh.

That’s all for now.  So… um… yay!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. koolhatingbabiesguy7_7
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 22:17:05

    welcome back to your blog posting mode! :DD
    I’ll be keeping up with this one :3

    Remember when blogging was the rage? :O


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