Indie Trio #5: Download-Free Edition!

I bet you thought the Indie Trio was dead, eh?  Well, you’re wrong!  It’s back and better than ever, and I have three fun games for you to try out.  This time, though, you can try them (almost) anywhere… download free!  All you have to do is click the links, and enjoy!  Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Super Mario Bros. Crossover

As you might have guessed, Super Mario Crossover is a Mario fan game.  But, it’s also a little more than that…


Is that... Samus?


Super Mario Crossover takes the entirely of the original Super Mario Bros., and throws in other popular heroes from the NES days to play it through.  You can blast Goombas with Mega Man, whip some Koopas with Simon, and more.  It’s really interesting to run characters thorough a game they aren’t designed for, and to see how easy or hard is it.

Try it out here.

2. Cascode

Cascode is an… interesting puzzle game.  You don’t really know what’s going on, and what to do to win.  That’s sort of the hook, though; the puzzle is figuring out what the hell you’re supposed to do.  After a good deal of studying the game, I was vaguely able to figure out some of how it worked… maybe you’ll do better than me.

Click here to try this one out.

3. Synopsis Quest

Synopsis Quest is like most any other RPG.  It has houses to loot, a couple monsters to smack, and greeting heroes as they walk by.  Oh?  That’s not an RPG?  Well, maybe you’re right.



I bet you won't make it to the castle.


Synopsis Quest is a set of mini-games that rip off of all sorts of stereotypes of RPG-dom.  It’s funny and cute, and can even be tricky at points.  It’s a short game, but well worth the time to try it out…

…which you can do here.


That’s all for this Indie Trio.  Enjoy the bite-sized, non hard-drive clogging games!


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