Now Playing Ramblings 10-26-10

It’s been a bit since I’ve made a new post (I’ve been working on some big ones, really!), and I feel kinda bad, so it’s time to bring back the Now Playing Ramblings!  Of course, you might know that I haven’t been playing a lot of games since my college courses are gotten tougher, but there’s still plenty to ramble about, you’ll see!

Since I ride the bus to work every day (yay public transportation?), I have plenty of time to play portables.  I take my DS practically everywhere, so I have plenty of times to play the billion games I have to beat on the system anyway.  As of late, I’ve been mainly playing the new DS remade of Lufia II.  Well, remake isn’t really the right word… it’s more of a re-imagining than a remake.  I’ve never played the original, but even I can tell that the game’s been completely changed, most likely to appeal to the ‘new-age’ RPG fans.  I mean, just the character designs alone prove that (Pink haired Dekar?  Really?).  However, the game still is pretty fun to play, though I’m really wondering what the exact differences are.  Maybe someday I’ll boot up my roommate’s SNES copy.

I’ve also been playing Atelier Annie, though I stopped recently.  To be honest, I didn’t know that the gameplay of the Atelier Iris series was different from the other games in the series, so the gameplay was kinda a shock to me.  Learning to manage my time and make items and do even the simplest of tasks really took a while, and while I have the hang of it now, I’m certain I won’t get anything more than the bad ending anymore.  However, I stopped playing because of the recent assignment to kill a monster.  Seeing as battle is so secondary to everything else, it’s pretty rough to suddenly have to go and kill a boss creature.  I’m sure I’ll find some way eventually, but I found Lufia to be a more pleasing option to play at the moment.

On the console front, my roommate finally caved in and brought Muscle March for the Wii.  You might have (probably not) seen my article on the game, but yes, it did come out in a America a while ago, and it’s hella fun to play.  None of us were really good enough to beat any of the stages, but it was funny to see everyone try… And come on, this is is… totally… heterosexual…


That’s all for this Now Playing Ramblings.  I’m sure I’ll have more to ramble about next time… but hey, Muscle March!  And stuff!


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