The Indie Games Winter Uprising

It’s a pretty well-known fact that the Xbox Indie Games section… well, isn’t doing too hot.  While the section has a lot of room for potential, it’s plagued with numerous avatar crapfests and just terrible games.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the massage games.  Seriously, what the hell is with those?

Well, um… regardless, there are some good games in the Indie Games section, but that requires research on the Internet or going through the entire list yourself and trying what you think is good out.  It’s a somewhat painful process, and it’s likely chased many users away.

However, for the first week of December, gamers will have little to fear, because the Indie Games Winter Uprising will pump out some pretty awesome titles for everyone to play.  The Uprising was organized by Indie developers that want to show the world that the Indie Games section has some pretty awesome games, and that maybe Microsoft should give the store a little more love and publicity.

You can check out the site here, with the big list of games coming out and information about them.  Sure, I could list it myself, but then no one would check the web page!  If any of these games interest you, you should really try to by them when they come out:  The more support for good games and how useful publicity for the Indie Games section is, the better!


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