XBLIG Friday: Garden Gnome Carnage X

Oh, would you look at that.  A title with the word ‘Friday’ in it?  It must be a new blogging series!  For XBLIG Fridays, I’ll take an Xbox Live Indie Game every Friday (obviously) that you should play, and well… show it to you.  The Indie game area of the Xbox is horribly ignored, and have some really great games hidden under all the shovelware.  They’re usually pretty cheap, too (the highest that can be charged for a game is 400 MS points, though a game rarely goes that high), and the games I’ll be highlighting are worth wasting an afternoon or weekend on.  So, let’s begin.


For the first edition of XBLIG Fridays, I scoured the library for some kind of Christmas themed game to feature.  Is IT Christmas Eve, afterall.  And much to my surprise, I actually found one.

Garden Gnome Carnage X (or GGC X, as it’s called in the Marketplace) does not seem like the kind of game that’s… good.  Nor does it seem like a Christmas game in the least.  But bare with me, and I’ll show you why this game is worth your 80 MS Points (or a dollar, if you prefer).

So, you play as a garden gnome.  And garden gnomes apparently hate Christmas.  And… well, that’s all I knew before downloading the demo and booting up the game.  But when I saw a garden gnome semi-parody of the beginning of Mega Man 2, I knew this simplistic castle defense game had something going for it.

Uh... yeah.

Anyway, as I said before, you play as a gnome, and you want to defend the roof of your building so that the nasty elves and Santa can’t deliver their presents.  You’re not as powerless as a gnome as one might think, either.  First off, the gnome is apparently a bungee freak, and he spends the game flailing about the stage, knocking elves off of the building and Santas from out of the sky.  While the gnome’s flying around, you can grab bricks from the building and throw them, causing a lot of splash damage and allowing you to hit elves you couldn’t reach yourself.  Bricks aren’t unlimited, though, and you can only get more by allowing your cat friend to make it to the top.

What, you say it doesn’t make sense?  Oh, did I mention the building is on wheels, and you move it about effortlessly?  How about that you can control the elements themselves, and control the way the wind blows, affecting the gnome’s bungeeing area?  To top it all off, you can call in airstrikes, too.  Yeah, you should have know this game wouldn’t make sense in the first place.

The gnome's always chillin' with his shades

However, the sheer insanity of it all is what adds to the fun.  GGC X is simple fast-paced, completely nonsense fun.  Sure, there are better games out there, but for a buck, there’s not much to lose with this one.  So download it and share it with your family this Xmas.  You’ll be sure to get some laughs and ‘WTF’s from it.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Encrazed Crafts
    Dec 25, 2010 @ 13:28:44

    haha Nice find, bud. Gnomes are the shizzle! Fear the Small! Always with the gnome-punting jokes, but fear the mini-brainy-silent ones. Been saying that in WoW for years…


    • gaiages
      Dec 25, 2010 @ 14:25:19

      Haha, I have to agree about the gnomes being awesome, especially the garden variety if I say so myself. Thanks for the comment. :)


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