My Top Ten 2010: #5-1

Alright, it’s the day before New Year’s Eve, so it’s time to finish my top ten list!  I mean, I WAS going to wait (read: procrastinate) until tomorrow to write it up, but hey, that would be Friday and I write stuff on Fridays and I don’t like writing more than one post per day.

REGARDLESS, these five games practically defined my most enjoyable gaming moments this year.  If you want to see games 6-10, well… just scroll down!  That post should be right underneath.  Now, let’s get started with number five.

#5 – Mother 3

Unlike every other game on this list, Mother 3 wasn’t released in America.  A devoted fan translation group finished English-izing the game a while back.  I had played the game in the past, but a faulty ROM deleted my save, and I didn’t restart until late this year.  This game is great.  The story is fantastic, the gameplay is refined (though working with some things is a pain!) and the game itself is relatively fast-paced.  I’ve yet to finish the game (I’m on Chapter 7), but Mother 3 has been a blast for me to play.

#4 – Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

You know, I paid fifty dollars for DQ5, more than I have for any other DS game.  I’ve learned my lesson of waiting to buy something that has a chance of becoming rare, but I must say that paying the inflated price for the game was well worth it.  This remake of the Super Famicom original is terrific:  The graphics are a great mix of 2D and 3D, the story’s one of the best I’ve seen in the series, and all the little bonuses really add to the package.  Despite the fact that I paid so much, it was worth every penny, and I’m looking forward to when DQ6 comes out on Valentine’s Day next year.

#3 – Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

I’m not an FF7 fangirl.  But I am a Zack Fair fangirl.  This action RPG prequel to the PS1 classic obviously appeals to my tastes already, as I got to see more into Zack’s backstory.  In addition, though, the gameplay is fun, and the insane amount of optional sidequests add as much to Crisis Core as you want it to.  It was a great game to play, and the ending still made me sad, even though I already knew what was going to happen.

#2 – Ys Seven

Unlike every other game on this list, I’ve already written a review on Ys Seven, so you can check out the details of my gushing for this game there.  Since you can, I’ll just sum it up quickly here: Amazingly fun gameplay, nice graphics, and awesome music all come together to create the best Action RPG I’ve played… possibly ever.

#1 – Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Alright, this is it:  This is THE game I’ve enjoyed the most this year, and this is also my Game of the Year, since it came out in 2010, as well.  DQ9 is a massive game, filled with so much that even at my current 135 hour mark, I’ve barely touched any of it.  Hell, my roommate’s at over 250 hours and he hasn’t seen everything yet, either!  The story isn’t really all that much to look at, but it’s everything else about the game that really shines.  Take some classic Dragon Quest gameplay (job-system flavored), mix in some (mostly) well-developed multiplayer, and top it off with constantly changing online shop deals and equipment, and you’ll find yourself becoming addicted to DQ9.  When me and my friends got it on release day, we played it for about three weeks straight in multiplayer, and we had a blast.  This game has defined the year for me, and I’ll hope I’ll have more awesome experiences like this one next year.


Well, these are the games I’ve enjoyed the most in 2010.  2011 already looks to be promising for me; with all the backlog of awesome games and some hot games coming out, I’ll likely have a better year than the last.  Have a happy new year!  :D


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