A new twist to Pac-Man: PacMap

We’ve all played Pac-Man Championship Edition DX by now, and loved it.  It was a breath of fresh air into an archaic series, and an acid-induced one to boot.   But that’s old news, it’s time to look into the FUTURE of Pac-Man.

And that future is PacMap.

PacMap is an interesting little app being developed for Andriod phones.  What the app does is Google Map your neighborhood, then plops Pac-Man and the ghosts down for some road-based pellet eating action.

Something… worries me about it, though.  Check out the video out for it:

Look at how slow and sluggish it is!  I know it’s not the final version, but come on… a game like that would take AGES to simply walk down the street!  Hopefully they’ll spice and speed it up in the final version.

…Okay, okay, so maybe I lied.  PacMap isn’t really the future of our beloved yellow circle, but it certainly is an interesting concept.  I just hope that the developers will realize its potential, and not squander on some of the finer points.


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  1. Encrazed Crafts
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 05:04:52

    Dude, Champ. DX is awesome! Fired it up and handed the controller to my dad, and the speed multiplier quickly slumped back to one, or just about there. Got it up to 40x for him (highest the Demo would allow) and again the demo ended at like 5x or something. Was great to watch and hear his reactions as the ghosts boxed him in, or how he would slam on the bomb button like four times in a row before realizing that he ‘slipped’ and didn’t mean to press it. Good times, none the less.

    But yeah, the video above is *terribly slow*. Was it based on someone actually walking the route the ‘pac-man’ took? Is it meant to be a jogging person’s motivator? If they end up going to slow the ghosts catch up, etc?

    Just maximized the video and read the text, it DOES run on GPS. Hmm. I still like my jogging idea better than using it actually on the road. Don’t think that game would be very fun come rush hour in a dense city. Or when snow starts to pile up. I supposed bicycling could work, though.


    • gaiages
      Jan 07, 2011 @ 20:52:40

      Huh, it runs on GPS? I never even thought about that! But yeah, to be honest, I don’t know how well the concept would work out, depending on what the game wants you to do. Like you said, using it to help you keep a good jogging or bicycling pace would be neat, but for car-driving or walking… that’s a bit different. Ah well, I don’t have an Andriod phone anyway, but it’ll be fun to see what happens with it! xD


      • Encrazed Crafts
        Jan 16, 2011 @ 03:00:33

        I have a little bit of awesomesause to add, my friend.

        *New idea!*

        Keep the GPS in the car as they got currently, but speed up the updating time to make it actually half-decent, AND instead of randomly placing ghosts on the screen, make the ghosts the digital representation of actual cop cars in the near-by area. All of which have just been reported of illegal activity in the area and been given the description of that particular person’s vehicle.

        Is this making you grin as evilly as it is making *me* grin?

        The amount of awesome to be had from Car Chase shows using this technology would cause people’s eye-sockets to ‘splode as well as its ratings. It could be made into a game show like Running Man, too :D

      • gaiages
        Jan 17, 2011 @ 18:51:19

        >:D, yes, that sounds very nice, indeed.

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