Eh, more of a little update than anything.  I think I’m in a bit of a writing slump.  Not exactly a slump really, as I am writing still, just not really on the blog.  I think I”m just out of creativity, and writing on other sites is helping me get on a… I dunno, better writing streak?  Point is, for now I probably won’t be writing on the blog too much.  It’s not like I have been a lot, anyway… I haven’t even been updating the XBLIG Fridays!  :(  I’ll be holding off on posting a lot on my blog until I get my groove back, but I’ll be throwing up reviews on Metacritic (I decided to write reviews for every game I beat this year on the site, and still plan on sticking to it) and writing some stuff up on Bitmob, so if you miss me (as I’m sure you will), I’ll be posting there!  :)


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