Indie Trio #5: Download-Free Edition!

I bet you thought the Indie Trio was dead, eh?  Well, you’re wrong!  It’s back and better than ever, and I have three fun games for you to try out.  This time, though, you can try them (almost) anywhere… download free!  All you have to do is click the links, and enjoy!  Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Super Mario Bros. Crossover

As you might have guessed, Super Mario Crossover is a Mario fan game.  But, it’s also a little more than that…


Is that... Samus?


Super Mario Crossover takes the entirely of the original Super Mario Bros., and throws in other popular heroes from the NES days to play it through.  You can blast Goombas with Mega Man, whip some Koopas with Simon, and more.  It’s really interesting to run characters thorough a game they aren’t designed for, and to see how easy or hard is it.

Try it out here.

2. Cascode

Cascode is an… interesting puzzle game.  You don’t really know what’s going on, and what to do to win.  That’s sort of the hook, though; the puzzle is figuring out what the hell you’re supposed to do.  After a good deal of studying the game, I was vaguely able to figure out some of how it worked… maybe you’ll do better than me.

Click here to try this one out.

3. Synopsis Quest

Synopsis Quest is like most any other RPG.  It has houses to loot, a couple monsters to smack, and greeting heroes as they walk by.  Oh?  That’s not an RPG?  Well, maybe you’re right.



I bet you won't make it to the castle.


Synopsis Quest is a set of mini-games that rip off of all sorts of stereotypes of RPG-dom.  It’s funny and cute, and can even be tricky at points.  It’s a short game, but well worth the time to try it out…

…which you can do here.


That’s all for this Indie Trio.  Enjoy the bite-sized, non hard-drive clogging games!


Indie Trio #4: Pull Out Your Wallet Edition

Welcome to the Indie Trio, where I name off three independently developed games that you should try out!  I’m going to do things a little differently today… for all the previous editions, all the games were free to download and play.  Well, this time… you have to pay for these gems.  Before you run off ranting about paying for indie games, let me assure you, these next three games are well worth the money you’ll spend on them.  In fact, chances are you’ve heard of these games, or seen them in your console’s online marketplace, in which case, buy them!

Enough rambling now… let’s start the list.

1. Braid

The best way to describe Braid would be “super awesome”.  Braid is a puzzle platformer, put simply; however, it adds cool time changing powers a la the newer Prince of Persia games, and Tim (the main character) uses the powers in interesting ways to solve puzzles.  Your goal is to grad puzzle pieces, which will help reveal what’s going on in Tim’s mind and life, and to help him find his princess.  The game’s fun, decently long, and provides a nice challenge.

Oh yeah, and the art styles really nice looking too.

Oh yeah, and the art style's really nice looking too.

Braid is available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points ($15.00), the PC and Mac for $14.95, and will be available for the PlayStation Network soon.

2. World of Goo

World of Goo is an interesting physics puzzle game, where you connect little pieces of ‘goo’ to each other to eventually reach the goal.  Well… since my explanation kind of sucks, why don’t you check out this video instead:

Oh yeah, there is a viable story for the game too… and it’s pretty morbid.  It makes me feel bad, doing what I have to in order to advance the game…

Well, you can buy World of Goo on the Wii for 1500 Wii Points ($15.00), or on the PC and Mac for $19.99.


Guess what?  It’s a game with zombies in it!  As part of the newly renamed Xbox Indie Games section (formerly the Community Games section), this is the only game in the list to get near five stars by the players.  It’s gotta mean something now, doesn’t it?

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 is basically an arena shooter with zombies, but it has a cute little twist that I don’t wanna ruin.  If you’re worried about wasting your MS Points (which you shouldn’t, as you’ll see soon), than try out the demo, it’ll give you a good idea of the game.

Try this lovely game out for 80 MS Points (that’s only $1 people, come on!), and I’m sure it’ll be worth the money you spent on it.


That’s it for this expensive edition of the Indie Trio.  Of course, if you’re still upset about buying these games, think of it this way: you’d spend $50 or $60 on a new console game, but these games put together will only cost you around $35, at most!  So don’t complain too much, now.

Don’t worry too much, though:  The next few installments will have free games again.  See you next time!

Indie Trio #3: Not for the faint of heart.

It’s been awhile, but it’s time for the Indie Trio!  This edition features games that are hard.  They may not be impossible, like the infamous I Wanna Be The Guy, but they are by no means easy.  Try at your own risk… or if you’re up for a challenge.

1. Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven is one of the difficult platformers that seem to be popular to make in the indie community.  Thankfully, in addition to being difficult, it’s actually fun.  The ‘laws’ that the god-like figure in the game create are ridiculous, and make you do some crazy stuff to make it to the next floor… but, that adds to the fun.  Chack out this video to get a good feel of the game:

You can download Tower of Heaven here.

2. Tasty Static

Tasty Static, according to the creators, is “a videogame where you go really fast and jump a lot”, which pretty much explains the game.  More specifically, though, it involves you racing down a strip while trying not to die.  Which will happen… a lot.  But, the game still ends up being fun.

Expect this to happen... yes, even 8 seconds in.

Expect this to happen a lot... yes, even 8 seconds in.

If you like this sort of game, you can download it here.

3. FallOver!

FallOver! seems like a normal platformer… until you run into something.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but… let’s just say it makes the game just a little challenging.  It is short, though, so if you stick with it, you’ll see the ending soon enough.



If you wanna try FallOver! out, download it here.

That’s it for this Indie Trio!  I promise, the next one won’t have you pulling your hair out.  ;D

The Indie Trio #2: Cactus edition!

This Indie Trio’s going to focus on one indie developer: Cactus Software.  The one man developing group creates many and interesting “experimental” games, most of which are extremely fun to play and are very nice to look at.  Now, while I’ll only recommend three games here, I highly encourage anyone who becomes interested in the developer’s works to try out the Cactus Arcade, which holds 17 of his finest games in a small package.

Also, I must note that while you can get all the games listed and more at Cactus’ website (, the link I will be providing will be a direct link to the download.

Well, here we go!

1. Ad Nauseam 2

I can’t really think of anothe rexplanation other than the one the creator himself wrote:

This game is not your typical shoot ’em up. There’s really no room for bullet dodging here, just blow everything up before it hits you. The game has some very nice explosions.

Ad Nauseam 2’s a very stylized game, and it’s just fun to look at.  However, it can be a bit difficult at points, and sometimes you just don’t see where you get hit from.  Still, it’s very fun to play in short bursts.

The art style makes you almost not want to shoot them.  Almost.

The art style makes you almost not want to shoot them. Almost.

You can download Ad Nauseam 2 here.

2. Psychosomnium

This very hard to spell platformer is an interesting game, indeed.  The game forces you to think outside the box to solve its weird puzzles and to… well, just understand it.  It’s very unique, and it’s just worth a try if you’re looking for something different.

And, yes, there is an end to the game.

Yeah... good luck getting over there.

Yeah... good luck getting over there.

You can download Psychosomnium here.

3. Mondo Medicals

Mondo Medicals is, yes, another crazy puzzle game.  This one’s in the first person perspective, though, and you’ll get frustrated at it.  And kinda creeped out.  But it’s well worth a run-through, just to see what the hecks’ going on in it.

Oh, I’ll give you a hint right now: Always look behind you.

Welcome?  Whatever you say.

"Welcome"? Whatever you say.

You can download Mondo Medicals here.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this Indie Trio!  Have fun with your new games!

The Indie Trio #1: Guns, Guns, and more Guns

Oh my, what’s this?  It’s the Indie Trio, where I take three independent games I think are pretty swell and show them off to the world!  Don’t expect this to be TOO regular, since there are weeks when I don’t find anything I enjoy… But, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Genetos

Genetos is a shoot ’em up that has an interesting twist to it:  The five different levels represent different points of shoot ’em up history, starting with the classic Space Invaders.  Your ship goes through these transformations as well, albeit a bit differently.  You must collect a certain amount of the green… circles/squares (I really don’t know what they are called) to do a “Generation Shift”, as the game calls it, and you become faster, more powerful, and just all around more awesome.

Genetos is an insanely fun game, and the generational gameplay makes it nostalgic for shmup fans.  Those fans shouldn’t expect the game to be hard, though…

It might be easy, but be sure to expect some tight situations, like all good shmups.

It might be "easy", but be sure to expect some tight situations, like all good shmups.

You can download Genetos here.

2. Mission Extreme

Mission Extreme is a run-and-gun indie game that harkens back to the 8-bit days.  According to the creators (Deadheat Interactive), this Mission Extreme seems to be a remake of their original version, which was styled to look like a Gameboy game.  The game’s also relatively short: it only has four stages (or five?  reading the blog it’s sort of confusing), so Mission Extreme’s perfect for those boring afternoons.

MXs graphics really make it feel like youre playing an NES or GBC game.

MX's graphics really make it feel like you're playing an NES or GBC game.

You can download Mission Extreme here.

3. Shotgun Ninja

Shotgun Ninja is one of the many love-children of Indie developing group Cactus, well known for making games with weird experimental “hooks” that usually make their games extremely interesting to play.  In Shotgun Ninja, you play… well, a ninja with a shotgun.  It seems your accountant duped you and took all of your money (look, it doesn’t HAVE to make sense…), and you’re out for vengeance.

Or really, you’re out for a high score.  This game puts A LOT of emphasis on score, and you can do so in various ways (getting to the end of the stage quickly, killing all the enemies, etc.).  It adds an element to Shotgun Ninja that’s usually long-forgotten in the days of console lore… those days when all you wanted was your initials on that high score board.

Also, another interesting part about the game is its graphics: the designer limited himself to Commadore 64 sprites and backgrounds, and pulled it off very nicely.

The c64 graphics are donely very nicely and are believeable.

The C64 graphics are done very nicely and are believable.

You can download Shotgun Ninja here.


Well, that’s all for the Indie Trio this time!  Maybe next time I’ll have less games involving massive genocide with firearms…