XBLIG Fridays: Epic Dungeon

It’s Friday, and you know what that means:  Time to show you another Xbox Indie game to suck away your weekend boring-ness!  This week’s gonna be a shorter entry -homework and Minecraft are ruling my life- but this game doesn’t need much explanation… it just rocks!  So let’s get to the summary.


This week’s XBLIG Friday pick comes from the Indie Games Winter Uprising, a community driven promotion to show the general public that the Indie Games section is full of more than just crap.  The first game to come out  for the Uprising was Epic Dungeon, an interesting and fun rouge-like.  I picked it up the second I could, and it was only a buck (or 80 MS Points, if you prefer), what was I to lose?

Now, don’t assume the wrong thing: I hate most rouge-likes.  The random luck of finding items combined with the genre’s typical insane difficulty makes me more frustrated than entertained.

But Epic Dungeon is different.  Way different.  Sure, there’s still the random luck with the items, and it’s still a bit on the tough side… but it’s so fast paced!  The action doesn’t wait patiently for you to take a move: Enemies will run up and start hitting you while you’re standing still.  It’s just injection of the Action RPG aspect that makes Epic Dungeon so much fun; it’s frantic, you kill fast and hard, and it feels like you have a chance.  Of course, like in all rouge-likes, you really are bound to die quickly, but unlike most where that ‘quickly’ is a few hours of careful planning gone wrong, dying in Epic Dungeon only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  Even though I died three times in the course of an hour, I still found it a blast.  This game it great for bite-sized action.

With this fast-paced gameplay and five different classes to choose from, this game will surely be a hit with rouge-like fans… and even if you’re not, it’s worth downloading the demo and trying it out!  You just might find you like the genre more than you thought.