Eh, more of a little update than anything.  I think I’m in a bit of a writing slump.  Not exactly a slump really, as I am writing still, just not really on the blog.  I think I”m just out of creativity, and writing on other sites is helping me get on a… I dunno, better writing streak?  Point is, for now I probably won’t be writing on the blog too much.  It’s not like I have been a lot, anyway… I haven’t even been updating the XBLIG Fridays!  :(  I’ll be holding off on posting a lot on my blog until I get my groove back, but I’ll be throwing up reviews on Metacritic (I decided to write reviews for every game I beat this year on the site, and still plan on sticking to it) and writing some stuff up on Bitmob, so if you miss me (as I’m sure you will), I’ll be posting there!  :)


Random Personal Stuff

Eh, nothing important, but I felt like writing about the personal happenings as of late.  No real reason, really, except for the people that care (haha) to know what’s up, and er… stuff.

I finally got me a new laptop!  Yay!  My old one bit the dust a few years ago, and I had to mooch off everyone else for a while.  But, my luva sunk about 400 dollars into a Eee PC, and I gotta say, I love it.  It has awesome battery power (around seven hours! :o), and it’s little and light, for easy traveling (though I doubt I’ll take it too many places).  It doesn’t have a CD drive, but oh well, that’s not a big deal.  The biggest thing about the computer is that it came with Windows 7.  It’s not a bad operating system in the least, but it takes some getting used to… and not all the programs I use are compatible with it.  It reminds me a lot of the Mac OS, though…

It’s good timing for the computer, though, because my workload for my online courses has really been getting harsh.  Before, it was a lot of easy work, but now… it’s just a little hard work.  I’d rather do the easy stuff a bunch of times over than having just one hard problem, but hey, that’s how life works.  This week in particular I have a lot… three ‘labs’ (basically the problem mentioned earlier) and a project.  Guess I won’t be getting much gaming done.

Let’s see, what else… I went on a vacation last weekend.  It was great!  I went to the beach, and I really enjoyed myself.  I got sunburn (damn my pale Irish skin!) but I got to relax and enjoy the ocean, and that’s all that really mattered.

Don’t worry, I’ll be getting back to the more interesting posts shortly… for some reason, I just really felt like writing this!  Weird, I know.  Anyway, that’s all for now!


Eh, I think it’s time to begin posting again.  Why?  Because I want to!  I figured I had some free time again, so what better reason than to entertain the… er… swarming masses my writing prowess.  Or whatever.  I’ll be writing some worthwhile posts soon, but some notes, as I gotta update the blog a bit…

~ I’m just gonna delete all the outside links.  I’m not sure who still updates their blogs and stuff, sooooo… I don’t want to promote blogs that are dead!  Should the few people that I am promoting see this and actually DO keep up on their blogs, tell me and I’ll throw the link up again.

~ This’ll look a bit different soon.

~ I may change the catergories around a bit.  While I’ll still write mainly about games, it’ll be good to write about other things, too.  Yes, I know most people come here from the Backloggery, but meh.

That’s all for now.  So… um… yay!


I apologize for the lack of new posts recently… I could make excuses, like busy life, being sick, whatever… and while I probably COULD get away with saying that, it’s all false.  I could say there’s been nothing interesting to write about, but that’s a lie, too.  To be honest, I’ve been lazy and unmotivated.  It took a hell of a lot of willpower just to write this. I’ve barely been even playing videogames lately.  :p

Well anyway, there you have it.  I don’t know when I’ll write things again… maybe soon, though don’t really count on it.  We’ll see.

The blog’s under construction… D:

I’m messing around with some of the themes and widgets right now, and probably for the next few days. Sorry if things look outta order for a bit… I’m sure I’ll be done shortly.

And damn, I got 37 views for my rambling!? Awesome, that’s a new record! ;D

Uh, you’ll know I’m done messing with things when I make a new post of some kind.

Now Playing Ramblings 09-15-09

Ooo, a new type of post!  Let me explain what this is.  For the… maybe one person who stumbled upon my blog that’s NOT from The Backloggery, this basically is the post for me to talk about what I’m playing, and that I can’t really fit in the area I’m given.  If you wanna see what I’m playing (since I won’t really list them all out), check my Backloggery page here.

For the other three or four of you, you know what I’m talking about. :3

Okay, so my NP list is HUGE lately.  It keeps growing and growing too.  D:  Lately, I can’t really stick to one game for too long, and for that reason my marathon games and challenges are piling up.  I really should beat them soon, but… some of them are just hard, while others don’t really interest me.  CouryC challenged me to Viewtiful Joe MONTHS ago, but I just can’t seem to get the motivation up to learn how to beat Fire Leo.  Of course, that’s from a while ago, but I’m having the same problem with all my games now, though for a couple I have excuses.  :p

Like Braid.  I find it really fun, but I’m horrible at puzzle games like this.  I’m in World 6 (the second to last world, if I recall correctly), and man it’s tough.  I really can’t go to much now without worrying about frustration.  I think it’s worth it, though.  There’s also the problem that I don’t want to play when anyone else is around, since 1., my roommates already beat it and 2., it’s embarassing to suck so much at it.  I think I’ll be able to get through it soon though, as long as I continue to get up early.  :p

On the other hand, I finally got a bit of money, so my boyfriend and myself bought ourselves a few games.  First we bought some 360 downloadable games, the main one being “Splosion Man.  I’m going through the Single Player right now, and man, it’s starting to get hard.  Thankfully it’s not ‘pull out your hair’ hard, but some part require perfect ‘sploding to move on.  However, the checkpoint system’s pretty well-made, so you don’t have to repeat to much when you die… and the Fat Scientist song is awesome!  :D

…In addition, we bought Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.  To be honest, I’ve been playing a good amount of the games on there, but only on and off, so I don’t want to add all those games and make my list one of the biggest on the site.  D:  But, man, the 40+ games on the disc really made my percentage go up… I’ll have to beat a lot of games to make that go down again…

I’m still glad for the purchase though.  For 25 bucks, I got pretty much every Genesis game I’ve wanted, and then some.  I mainly wanted it beacause it’s the only compilation with all the original Phantasy Star games on it, but getting The Shining Force games, the Golden Axe games (which I realized how fun it is with two players) and Ristar just add to the awesome-ness.

But I’m supposed to be talking about my list, right…?  Let’s see, what about Sword of Mana?  I recently beat Legend of Mana, and I thought that what superfun.  Well now, LordoftheRedead’s challenged me to beat another of the series.  I have to say, it’s fun, but I don’t like it as much as Legend thus far.  The fighting’s more refined from Legend, but I really don’t like the forging and fruit systems.  Just seems like they were thrown in without much thought.  It’s not a bad game, and I’m sure is much improved from Final Fantasy Adventure, but it still has its problems…

Hmmm… I think that’s all I have to ramble about for now.  I’m wondering though, what do you guys think I can do to make this better?  Add pictures?  Find game history?  Be more organized about the writing?  Let me know, I’d like this to be more readable for you guys, even if I’m just rambling!  :D

Oh, hey

Oh man, Twitter on my blog.  The fun never ends!

So, yeah, the power went out, and my roommate, my boyfriend, and myself played charades.  The topics went from typical and nomal, like movies and such, to…. Pokemon.  Yes, Pokemon.  It’s entertaining watching someone try to mime a Blastoise.  Of course, the easiest way to do that for us was to just mimic this.  Yes, I just proved how much of a dork we all are.  But hey, who cares when we’re having fun.

That gets me thinking, those… crazy kids like that really gives gaming a bad stigma of brain-rotting and other stuff.  But, hell, with kids like that it may very well be true.  I’ve been playing videogames since I was young, and I’m far from what society would call a “normal” 20-year-old.  But maybe that’s more of a good thing than bad, as “normal” 20-year old females tend to be drunken whores.  I’d usually say that’s harsh, but seeing as all the people that DON’T drink, smoke, have sex, and go to parties instead of working on their degrees abnormal, I don’t think I’m too far off the mark there.

Which reminds me, I’m almost of drinking age.  Whoo?  I wonder why they even have a drinking age above 14.  Everyone knows it’s going on, that almost all teens start drinking regularly before they’re supposed to.  And it’s also very likely they only do it because it’s “forbidden fruit”, or taboo; they only do it because they aren’t supposed to.  I can’t really blame them, though… a lot of people are like that.  Hell, I’m like that too, with certain things… it’s just that it wasn’t drinking or drugs.

Pfft, I sound like a anti-drug campaign now. I think those commericals and whatnot make teens even more rebellious.  Why be good, and do the right thing, when you can go “FUCK THE LAW AND SOCIETY AND EVERYTHING!!!” and continue doing it?  Come on, that’s what ALL teens wanna do.

…Oh, hey.  You just walked into my rambling thinking pattern.  Get used to it.